Eliminate fire risk with regular and thorough canopy cleaning maintenance

A canopy is commonly referred to as a “hood” or “canopy hood” over the cooker – and can house a lot of grease and grime, and from a commercial kitchen cleaning perspective, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Greasebusters (formally Fat Busters Steam Cleaning) can help you with this dirty job.

Our guys will come and give your canopy the deep clean it needs, bringing it in line with OHS fire and safety regulations and leaving it so clean and gleaming… wearing shades is recommend, (check out our gallery for some awesome before and after photos). Other commercial kitchen cleaning services include: duct cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning and full kitchen system cleans, from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, Byron Bay to Ballina.

Commercial kitchen canopy cleaning

When working in a commercial kitchen with orders flying in and dishes flying out throughout the day and night, it is likely that your kitchen staff aren’t able to give the canopy the thorough clean it needs. On a daily basis it gets covered in grease and grime, and over time it builds up to an unthinkable job that someone has to clean (enter Greasbusters).

It is hugely important, especially for insurance health and safety reasons that your canopy is kept in an immaculate condition, and not a job or an expense to be overlooked. The health department is concerned about sanitation, and the fire department is worried about fire hazards, and the insurance company is concerned about whether the damage was caused by grease build up.

It can get very heated in the kitchen particularly with naked flames, steam, fat, smoke and odours constantly produced – so it’s fundamental that your canopy cleaning complies with all safety standards and regulations.

Why is canopy cleaning so important?

  • Good canopy cleaning will help prevent equipment breakdown – over time grease, grime and other particles can cause components to stop working, which could result in buying a whole new kitchen system.
  • Avoid nasty surprises from the health inspector. Inspection of your facilities by an OHS Officer can result in warnings or even closure of your business should they deem your canopy filthy or unsafe.
  • Keep your insurance guys happy - if a kitchen fire ever broke out, many insurers will request proof that a commercial kitchen cleaning job, particularly a canopy clean had been carried out. You may be at risk of not being fully covered on your insurance if it turned out that this essential maintenance had not been done.

Our guys will come out and give you a no obligation fire risk assessment.

Our specialist skills in kitchen canopy cleaning and grease duct maintenance will ensure your kitchen is fire safe and a gleaming clean environment for your staff.

For more information on canopy cleaning and all commercial kitchen cleaning services, contact Cameron 0414 714 948.