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  • Kitchen Canopy Cleaning: When and Why?

    Unsure why or even when you need to have your kitchen canopy cleaned? Here is a list of everything you need to know when it comes to grease and your kitchen canopy. 1. How Often Should I Have It Cleaned? According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards, kitchen exhaust system cleaning should be […]

  • Heads Up! The Causes of Commercial Kitchen Fires

    With commercial kitchen fires costing millions, a year in damages as well as putting the lives of numerous people at risk, it is important to know how you can do your part in preventing them. You can stop commercial kitchen fires by preventing them where they start! Where Do They Start? Most commonly, the three […]

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Why Hire a Professional?

    When it comes to kitchens, cleaning is non-negotiable. If your kitchen is not maintained correctly you can face huge fines or even be shut down. Hiring a professional cleaning service will significantly reduce those risks, keeping your kitchen and your staff safe and in operation. Plus, they can often work around the busy schedule of […]

  • A Guide to Cleaning the Kitchen Exhaust Fan Yourself

    Neglect is not an option when it comes to your kitchen exhaust. Regular care and maintenance is a must in order to prevent hazardous grease build-up that can potentially lead to a kitchen grease fire. Here are some expert steps on how you can clean your kitchen exhaust fan yourself. 1. Remove the Filter Make […]

  • 9 DIY Grease Cleaning Tips from Professionals

    Wherever there is grease splatter, there is aggravation. It’s difficult to remove and will only continue to build up if left behind. Here are some expert tips on how to clean away grease from your kitchen stovetop, cabinets, backsplash and surrounding areas. Step 1 With so many degreasing cleaning products available, we are sure you […]

  • 5 Myths About Kitchen Fans Debunked

    So, your commercial kitchen has a fan, and there’s are a lot of preconceptions that seem to go with that. Here are some common mistakes owners make when it comes to their kitchen fans. 1. THEY EITHER WORK OR THEY DON’T It turns on! Therefore, it must be working, right? Well, no. Just because it […]

  • How to clean a commercial oven

    I’m sorry, I know that I have said this blog is about “How to clean a commercial oven” – but seriously who’s gonna ask this question? I don’t want to know how to clean a commercial oven, just thinking about it makes me want to faint. I have a stove at home and cleaning that […]

  • How to avoid accidents in the kitchen

    It’s not just a nice thing to do to make a safe working environment for your staff, it is a government, legal requirement under workplace health and safety. Every workplace must now have risk assessments for procedures relating to plant and equipment used on the premises and processes that are carried out by staff. Regular […]