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  • How a risk assessment can save lives

    Sometimes running a business can seem like a minefield, not sure what step to take next, not even sure if taking a step is a good idea! Owning a business, employing staff and dealing with the public comes with the requirement to do many things to ensure the safety of your staff and clients. If […]

  • Why is my kitchen canopy leaking grease?

    Disaster strikes – your commercial kitchen has been booked out for a function, the chef and his staff are in the kitchen over the stoves preparing the banquet when suddenly, all hell breaks loose, literally! Dirty smelly grease and goop starts dripping from the canopy and goes into the pots on the stove! The food […]

  • The importance of clean filters

    Have you ever stood somewhere and thought… “what is that awful smell” – then sniffed your clothing to make sure it’s not you? Imagine if customers were doing that in your restaurant, or coffee shop! You know it yourself without me telling you – a bad smell is the least inviting thing and usually, people […]

  • Benefits of a preventative maintenance schedule

    It may not just be your cooking that’s heating up your commercial kitchen and staff! Can’t stand the heat – you may not need to get out of the kitchen, but it might be time to check your kitchen’s ventilation exhaust, canopy and ductwork.. If your commercial kitchen is overheating then all your staff could […]

  • Types of kitchen fires

    Going by the reputation most Chefs have – there can be a lot of HEAT in a commercial kitchen, but sometimes heat in the kitchen is not only caused by an excitable chef getting hot under the collar. At Grease Busters your safety is our business. We are experts in cleaning commercial kitchen exhausts, canopies […]

  • Is your commercial kitchen compliant?

    Now, I don’t want to cause you to have nightmares but … when was the last time that you had your commercial kitchen exhaust, canopy and ducting inspected and cleaned by a professional? Not sure? – the bad news is that saying ‘I didn’t know what was required’ will not save you when disaster strikes […]