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Commercial Exhaust Canopy Brisbane – The Nastiest Brisbane Chinese I have every seen

My name is Cameron Monley and I am from Today I want to share with your perhaps one of the worst Brisbane commercial exhaust canopy Jobs that I have ever been called upon to do. So much hazardous grease even I was astounded. To allow you to experience as much of this kitchen exhaust chaos, I have added a number of great pictures as well as a comprehensive youtube of the whole canopy clean so you can enjoy at our expense.

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We’re in a very busy Chinese restaurant in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane area. It’s perhaps one of the busiest restaurants in the area. The owner called me in because he was a bit concerned. He wasn’t quite sure about the quality of cleaning work that he was currently getting with their upper canopy. So, what we’ve decided that I come take a look and see what to expect.

So, why had brought the camera along, is just to show you how bad your canopy can look as most people don’t really know.

Commercial Exhaust Canopy Brisbane
Come on, let’s have a look at the duct cleaning video below.


The black is just grease that has actually been baked on, and that’s probably 10 to 20 years of absolute neglect. So, if you look down this commercial ducting, this is pretty scary. This is 10, 20, 30 plus years of residual grease, that has never been cleaned. And remember, here’s the access panel, it’s as plain as day to see, but no one’s ever opened it.

So, this Exhaust Canopy is a fire just waiting to happen.

It’s so putrid up there, he’s actually clearing a space. What’s it like in there, Nick?
It’s quite filthy.
Look at that residual grease.

That’s quite inflammatory at the same time. So, what he’s going to do now, is clean the whole area just inside the access panel, which will allow him to actually climb in without getting too putrid. The grease itself over time in the canopy actually starts to eat away at the silicon that holds the middle work together, causing leaks throughout the system.

What I mean by that is, the joints in which the middle is joined, the silicon gets eaten away at by the grease. Over time the grease can spill out and many of times the manager has called us into a roof full of grease. And they have no idea where it’s come from. And the problem always seems to arise from the same thing.

An unmaintained exhaust system, that started leaking grease.
Commercial Exhaust Canopy Brisbane
As you can see, it’s not a job for the faint-hearted. These fellas here have probably done this five, six thousand times now. So, you know, what you’re getting is an expertise by the sheer repetition. And the venue manager of this venue was horrified when he looked up this commercial canopy and ducting. But you know, Nick’s probably done one like this, hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of times. That takes the scare out of it. Doesn’t it, Nick?

The ironic thing about it, is being so dirty that once you peel off the layer, it’s actually like, brand new underneath. I’ll show you.
There are like 100 layers. See.

The other thing to keep in mind with this work is, why a lot of my opposition don’t do this, is because it’s too bloody hard. You know? Nick and Marcus have been with me for five years now, and this is just our daily work.

Nick’s got this about 70% done, haven’t you?  Yep, about 70%.

And as you can see, we’ve got probably 20 litres of combustible grease from this area, which in turn will be a formidable fire hazard

Just show how you can step up and touch the fan there. Yeah. There you go, all the way up. And he’s going to actually clean the fan.

Commercial Exhaust Canopy Brisbane
And as you can see, the fan’s just a couple more feet up there.  So, you can see the difference where I’ve scratched and where I haven’t, especially on this side.
Not quite finished your but getting close. No one would believe we could come this far in such a shot time

Commercial Exhaust Canopy Brisbane
What I wanted to emphasise is there’s a big difference between price and quality of work. A lot of companies do a cheaper price, but as you can see, that’s what you get for your money.
So, if you don’t know what your ducting looks like, give us a call, and I’ll come and give you a free fire risk assessment.

See you then.

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