Meet the Grease Busters

Greasebusters (formally Fat Busters Steam Cleaning) is a local company specialising in commercial kitchen cleaning with an impressive range of portfolios in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, including Major Shopping centres, McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster, food courts, many of the Major Hotels/Motels/Restaurants, RSL and Surf Life Saving Clubs. Cafes, Schools and many other franchises. Cameron is well respected by those in the food and beverage industry for his expert knowledge and years of experience in canopy cleaning, duct cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning and exhaust duct cleaning.

Ask yourself when you look into the eyes of our competitors; “does this guy have the depth of character to squeeze himself into tiny places, filled with foul smelling grease? Does he have the stamina to keep going for hours? Does he have the constitution to never give up, to never ease off until the job is done?”

Sure you don’t need a huge intellect. But you do need something rarer still – perseverance. And you need it in spades as commercial kitchen cleaning is a dirty job.

Our staff are dedicated to the cause – a clean safe duct system. No compromises, no short cuts, no excuses we absolutely will not stop until the job is done.