Check out some fine kitchen exhaust duct cleaning in Southbank Brisbane

Here is a lovely big exhaust duct in Southbank Brisbane that had never been clean .

A large kitchen venue at Southbank Brisbane recently contacted me as they felt something was not right with their current contractors.

After only a few minutes I told them that the upper ducting in their kitchen exhaust duct has never been cleaned. How to you know they replied. No one has ever cut any access into the duct. Lucky for this Southbank Brisbane venue they do more fine dining rather than heavy grilling, so the years of neglect were not at dramatic if it had been a steak house.

We were able to cut a large access panel the the below photographs speak for themselves. As you can also see the lads were able to access the ducting also from the kitchen canopy end.

To take a closer look we installed a large access panel at the base of the commercial exhaust fan and ducting. What we found over ten years of never been cleaned. There was a excessive amount of residual grease in some areas which is real terms had become a potential fire hazard.

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Many new restaurant customers tell me that they are currently happy with the present work that they are receiving until I take a look inside and show them the areas that they don’t see. Sadly many contractors only clean the areas that you can see and leave the rest. what they leave is great amount of residual grease that once accumulated amounts to a fire hazard.

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