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Horror Photos from a Brisbane Duct Cleaning Job

exhaust duct cleaning brisbane

Exhaust Duct Cleaning Brisbane

Enjoy Pics from perhaps our dirtiest Brisbane duct cleaning Job for Years. Its been a few years since the Lads and I have had to roll our sleeves up and really get to work. I was invited to inspect a commercial exhaust in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.

To be honest I brace myself for the worst most of the time when I head that way so all I say is enjoy the pictures guys.

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I believe the exhaust and ducting of this Chinese Restaurant has not been cleaned every before. Luckily the lower canopies were in reasonable condition which lessened the hurt. To be honest I was a little nervous yet excited at the same time. So I simply took as many staff as possible to that it would not a horrible experience for everyone. I ran everyone jokingly telling them its time to harden up lads.


Firstly we clear a spot behind the filter holes and once that is done I merely sent two of the lads up through the filter holes and up into the upper kitchen ducting. This lad started cleaning the left-hand side, filling quite a number of buckets full of grease.

a brisbane duct cleaning job

Duct cleaning located in Brisbane

Meanwhile, on the right side of the canopy near the inline kitchen exhaust fan, I place one of the more experienced lads. This was the more difficult area as the airflow was all directed that way.

Horror photos duct cleaning brisbane

Above the noise of the scraping and loud music that I am way too old to listen to, I could hear Marcus laughing to himself “Holy Shit”. I put my head in the hole as he produced a large ball of grease that he removed from directly around the fan area. Obviously the extraction fan sounded and worked far for efficiently from that point onward.

Fast Taken from Exhaust Duct after Cleaning in Brisbane

Many commercial kitchen canopies have layers of ducting high above eye level. To the untrained, you would never know it was there.  I regularly find many void areas that are just left uncleaned. Not because they can’t be reached, more so the contractors just can be bothered.

We simply work our way up cleaning as we go. Or Start on the left-hand side and work across. Generally, most holes can be breached, fortunately, many of my staff are of slight build so I can get into many tight areas.

Many owners and in fact many contractors place Duct Cleaning low on their priority list. Sadly this leads to unnecessary costs down the track and downtime in the kitchen.

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Many new restaurant customers tell me that they are currently happy with the present work that they are receiving until I take a look inside and show them the areas that they don’t see. Sadly many contractors only clean the areas that you can see and leave the rest. what they leave is a great amount of residual grease that once accumulated amounts to a fire hazard.

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    Can't say thank you enough to the guys for the Job they carried out at 4BROTHERS ESPRESSO CAFE at short notice and nothing was a problem!! Definitely the team I'll be calling for our ongoing work
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