Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Gold Coast canopy and exhaust duct cleaning: It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it…

That someone is Cameron and his team from Greasebusters (formally Fat Busters Steam Cleaning). Cameron started out on the Gold Coast in 2006 causally talking it over with a friend (at a wedding of all places) about the concept of commercial kitchen cleaning, and the dirty business of duct and canopy cleaning.

There are over 10,000 commercial kitchens on the Gold Coast, and 10 years on from that casual conversation, Cameron is responsible for the maintenance and exhaust cleaning of many of those venues. It’s been a hard slog from conversation, concept to a successful commercial kitchen cleaning business.

Many of Greasebusters original customers are still with Cameron today, which proves familiarity, trust and hard work still count in today’s digital modern world.

“In this line of work the only way people really get what I do, is to show them”. “It’s not enough to say”. “Oh yeah, I do commercial kitchen duct cleaning”. “You have to see, to believe, the grime, grease and downright dirty state these ducts and canopies are in when I go out to give a fire risk assessment”.

Take a look at my favourite before and after shots of some really, REALLY horrible exhaust duct cleaning jobs.

My first duct cleaning job way back in 2006 for a hotel on the Gold Coast. A hole had to be cut on the side of the duct to get in, which is standard for all first time duct cleaning jobs. I had said to the hotel manager. ”This has not been cleaned before was!” He asked, how I could tell.

I simply said “there’s no hole”. The ducting extended horizontally thirty meters inside, and the roofing twenty foot in the air. Needless to say it was a long and painful job, but one that felt hugely satisfying afterwards.

Another Gold Coast canopy and exhaust duct cleaning job for an iconic hotel. As you can see from the photos someone had started the job, but did not finish it. It needed another four hours of hard grafting to get it back to bare metal and finish the job properly.

Many of my competitors only do what you can see, which is the back wall, the easy bit. The client trusts what the professionals say, and that they will do a proper job that brings them in line with health and safety and reduces their chance of a fire breaking out. In this case someone had a bit of a go, but by no means was it a proper deep clean.

It is hugely important, especially for health and safety reasons that your canopy and duct is kept in immaculate condition. Greasebusters stand by their canopy and duct cleaning services, and issue a certificate of compliance along with photos and a written report on work carried out for insurance purposes.

10 years on and I’m still cleaning canopies and ducts on a weekly basis, these photos are from a clean we did for a large Gold Coast venue just recently. As per usual it had never been cleaned, my boys and I had to cut an access panel and scrape it all back to bare metal again. Not so bad and a bit of fun (if you can believe it), I had a lot of room to move and clean.

If you think you have a fire hazard in your kitchen, call Greasebusters today for a no obligation fire risk assessment.

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