Exhaust Fan Cleaning For Restaurant And Hotel Kitchens

If you can’t stand the heat - clean your kitchen

Your exhaust fan is the heart and soul of the kitchen, and most likely does not get the clean it needs every night to run at peak efficiency. Grease and grime is a nasty thing, and built up over time can clog up fan blades in your exhaust, slowing the air flow in your kitchen (making it unbearable for your staff).

Signs that you exhaust fan needs cleaning; your kitchen will be smokey, hot and trapped odours will be apparent. Grease can cause the fan belts in your canopy to slow right down, which in turn makes for a smokey, smelly kitchen, and sometimes a restaurant.

Exhaust fans work by letting out smoke and smells, both from a kitchen or bathroom, and over time they can collect dirt and grime, and because you can’t see it, you assume it’s not there.

If you’re not cleaning them or servicing them regularly the accumulation of grime can cause them to not work properly, seize or worse, stop working altogether. Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary for your fan to run at optimum efficiency.

Why exhaust fan cleaning is important

Over time there can be a lot of grease accumulation in the hood as well as the exhaust fan (this is especially so in hotels, cafes and restaurants with all day use). This dirt and grime build-up is a major fire hazard, and all it takes is a one flame to start a fire.

Do not wait for this kind of scenario to take place, call our expert exhaust fan guys who will be out within a 12-24 response, or earlier if urgent. It is paramount in any commercial kitchen that exhaust fans be cleaned regularly; they should be completely grease-free and cleaned right back to a bare metal surface.

Benefits of cleaning your exhaust fan regularly

System efficiency and fire safety is the number one reason you need to be cleaning your exhaust fan. When cleaning is done on a regular basis it greatly improves the efficiency of your entire exhaust system, and reducing smoke and odours that get vented outside – keeping neighbouring businesses and customers happy.


We can cater to all commercial and residential customers

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  • We can clean anywhere there is a kitchen

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