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A fine example of Exhaust Fan Cleaning here on the Gold Coast

Let me share with you an example of quality exhaust fan cleaning here on the Gold Coast.

To my excitement I was recently invited to quote on a large kitchen Canopy and Exhaust Fan Cleaning Job here on the Gold Coast. This large venue caters for multiple eating kitchens so the roof and fan set up is quite extensive. The problem was that the previous contractor had only reached into the access panels as far as the arm could reach leaving the rest of the exhaust duct dirty, and slowly becoming a fire hazard.
For such a large volume of work I needed five staff for the cleaning of canopy and the kitchen exhaust cleaning in the restaurants below. So there was some organisation that needed to be done so that the chefs could start their work on time.

The lads had to clear an area inside the ducting. Then after climbing into the duct they just work their way along till its all done.

Once inside the ducting its a systematic job of just ensuring that every bit of residual grease is removed. This is the stuff that reduces the life of the fan. Congratulations boys on a job well done

Many owners and in fact many contractors place Exhaust Fan Cleaning low on their priority list. Sadly this leads to unnecessary costs down the track and down time in the kitchen

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Many new restaurant customers tell me that they are currently happy with the present work that they are receiving until I take a look inside and show them the areas that they don’t see. Sadly many contractors only clean the areas that you can see and leave the rest. what they leave is great amount of residual grease that once accumulated amounts to a fire hazard.

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