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Duct Cleaning Brisbane – A Complete Horror Story!

Another Terrible Horror Story of Duct Cleaning in a Brisbane Restaurant.

My name is Cameron from Greasebusters. I was recently invited to inspect a local Brisbane commercial duct with the view to cleaning it and I was astounded at 6cm pool of grease laying in the entire ducting. Even for me with 13 years in the ducting cleaning business, I could not believe the fire hazard that was waiting to happen.

Duct Cleaning Brisbane

After showing the chef the mess he invited me to start as soon as possible as he was alarmed with the amount of grease that was there. Prior to meeting me that day, he had been having another Brisbane duct cleaning company doing the work with the assumption that all the areas were being cleaned.


Access to the commercial duct was difficult as there were no manholes installed in the roof area. Lucky for us a number of my staff are certified with “inclosed space” and had no problem with accessing the ducting through the filter hole and then up through a small opening in this Brisbane duct.

Duct Cleaning in progress in Brisbane


Duct Cleaning Brisbane

This is where the real duct cleaning begins. Although a tight squeeze, my lad was able to gain entry and then systematically work his way through the ducting. The first trick, of course, is to clean an area big enough on the floor of this exhaust system so that he can lay there and not be covered with grease.

In the next photo, I have taken a scraper and cleared a small area of fire hazardous grease for this Brisbane Duct prior to cleaning it all so that you can see the contrast. It’s quite a powerful image. The grease has a thick honey texture and the volume in this ducting would be an extreme fire hazard. In most cases, the chef or manager has no idea of the extent of neglect that lies in the exhaust duct until it is too late.

Grease filled duct


Duct Cleaning Brisbane – We got probably 100 litres of combustible grease from this area, which in turn will be a formidable fire hazard

As you can see, it’s not a job for the faint-hearted. These fellas here have probably done this five, six thousand times now. So, you know, what you’re getting is expertise by the sheer repetition. And the venue manager of this venue was horrified when he looked up this commercial canopy and ducting. But you know, the lads probably duct cleaning like this, hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of times. That takes the scare out of it. If you want to see more, feel free to click through for more Horror Stories.

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