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Dependable commercial kitchen cleaning specialists, canopy cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, duct cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning, servicing the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads to Byron Bay areas for ten years.



Claim your free canopy and duct fire risk assessment now – ring Cameron on 0414 714 948. No waiting we will be there within 24 to 48 hours and complete the canopy cleaning work within 3 to 5 days if required. We cater for any Emergencies…

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Watch this video to see why a Brisbane chef recently and told me “My GM just watched that video and said ‘I only want this bloke to do it’”!


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Public Records reveal that every year approximately 5000 restaurant fires are reported with a total property loss reaching $80 million.

These fires originate in the cooking area, which then explode into the kitchen exhaust system and onto the roof where the fire can spread quickly.
Grease fires can explode, reaching up to 1400 degrees rapidly, spreading out of control through your venue.

GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE. All commercial kitchens are required to have their exhaust systems cleaned either 6 or 12 monthly (depending on volume of work) to be in compliance with Australian Standard 1851 Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

Failure to be in compliance will void all insurance obligations should any venue under your control have a fire in their kitchen.

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OUR GUARANTEE OF SERVICE100% Guarantee from all Canopy & Duct Cleaning Services

Let us take care of all your commercial kitchen cleaning, exhaust, duct & canopy & hood cleaning while you build your business.

If you’re not happy with the quality of our canopy cleaning work we will return immediately and rectify that problem.

If you are still not happy with your duct cleaning job we don’t want you to pay.


We are absolutely committed to delivering the best kitchen duct cleaning services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed and Byron areas.



Greaseabusters (formally Fat Busters Steam Cleaning) is local company with an impressive range of cleaning portfolios in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Tweed Heads to Byron, including major shopping centres, McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster, food courts, many of the Major Hotels/Motels/Restaurants, RSL and Surf Life Saving Clubs, cafes, schools and many other franchises.

Big enough to Cope Small Enough to Care

Cameron is well respected by those in the Restaurant food and beverage industry and is an expert in his field of commercial kitchen cleaning.

Cameron and his Greasebusters staff are:

  • Experienced hardy and professionally trained.
  • Focused on ensuring your kitchen is FIRESAFE.
  • Provide customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • Have specialized skills in commercial kitchen canopy cleaning, duct cleaning and grease duct maintenance.
  • Work effectively individually or as a team depending on the size of your venue.
  • A market Leader in our field , and should be the first choice in Kitchen canopy cleaning, plus duct and exhaust fan cleaning

Cameron says,

“Many venues tell me that they are happy with the quality of commercial kitchen canopy cleaning work that they are presently getting from their current contractor until they allow me the opportunity to inspect their kitchen exhaust and upper ducting. Here is what I find in many instances – average canopy cleaning solutions are only half done.”

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Why You Need Canopy Cleaning From Greasebusters

  • SAFETY– Avoid your venue bursting into flames.
  • COMPLIANCE– Stay compliant. Regulations require that you clean every 12 months at least.
  • INSURANCE Insurance demands. Often insurance companies require canopy and duct cleaning every 6 months (always check with them).
  • RELAX! Sleep easy knowing your kitchen canopy and ductwork is not a disaster waiting to happen.


No compromises, no short cuts, no excuses.
We absolutely will not stop until the job is done.


Cameron and his dedicated staff have the depth of character and determination needed to excel at this tough and dirty job