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Kitchen Canopy cleaners


We are the
highest rated and reviewed
 duct and canopy cleaning service
 Australia wide!

Our Reviews:


Based on Reviews

We are the highest rated and reviewed duct & canopy cleaning service Australia wide!

Our Reviews:


Based on Reviews

The BEST Clean your kitchen ducts will ever get.

Servicing over 1600 clients in SE Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast and from Byron to the Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between, Grease Busters removes all fire hazard grease from the hard-to-reach areas of your kitchen canopy and extractor fans. We specialise in the hardest and dirtiest canopy cleaning jobs around!


The Grease Busters Difference

No compromises, no shortcuts, no excuses.
We absolutely will not stop until the job is done.”

Cameron Monley

Director and Head Grease Buster

  • Avatar Tim Varitimos ★★★★★ 4 hours ago
    Professional service and quality workmanship. Highly recommend Cameron and the team.
  • Avatar Chris Houliaras ★★★★★ a week ago
    Can't say thank you enough to the guys for the Job they carried out at 4BROTHERS ESPRESSO CAFE at short notice and nothing was a problem!! Definitely the team I'll be calling for our ongoing work
    Thanks again Chris
  • Avatar Matthew Rollo ★★★★★ 4 hours ago
    Amazing guys and great to work with! Very prompt, efficient and knew what they were talking about, would highly recommend!




As dependable, experienced Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Specialists, we take care of all of the following services. Contact us to find out more. 






No Dirt Left Behind

We aren't afraid to go where other people won't go and we will not stop until the job is done.

We are absolutely committed to delivering the best commercial kitchen duct cleaning and canopy cleaning services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed and Byron Areas.

Restaurant vent hood cleaning at it's best, and at a price you'll love too.



We’ll be there within 48 hours and will complete your canopy cleaning within 3 to 5 days as required.

Need us now?

Emergency requests can be accommodated!



Our Guarantee

Let us take care of all your commercial kitchen cleaning, exhaust, duct & canopy & hood cleaning while you build your business.

If you’re not 100% happy with the quality of our canopy cleaning work, we will return immediately and rectify that problem.

Grease Busters is pleased to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if your kitchen fails to meet compliance requirements

(we are also pleased to say we have never had anyone claim their money back!)


What Others Have to Say

peter batley

Peter John Batley

Cafe 42 Fifteen

"Highly recommended and beware of imitations"

Grease busters have been looking after the cleaning of my extraction hoods for the last 10 years. Their service is impeccable and unlike a lot of other hood cleaning services, they do not leave a mess.

Cameron and his team are always on time and do an amazing job. I highly recommend them to anyone who has an extraction unit in their kitchen and the 6 monthly clean ensures that we don't have any nasty grease fires in the roof cavity. 

Ben OShea

Pelican's Nest Cafe

"Great communication from Cameron and his team." 

The quality of work they did is highly recommended and doesn’t compare with other suppliers. Easy to deal with (happy workers), affordable and understands the objective that you want to achieve. Will not go else where. 

Having been in the industry for a long time, we will only use Grease Busters from now on. 

You can’t go wrong with Cameron.

Joanna MacLellan

"They will knock you out with the sheer quality of the work!! "


Well what can I say ................ to find professional workers on the GC is like finding a rare rare diamond Grease Busters not only knock your socks off with their professional service, on time, on budget 

They will knock you out with the sheer quality of the work!! 

Cam you are amazing..... your guys are just amazing ......... you will be looking after me and my biz for many years to come xxxxx thank you thank you thank you


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How often should commercial range hoods be cleaned | Grease Busters FAQs

There are a number of things to consider with the consideration of how often commercial range hoods should be cleaned? Every canopy is distinctive to the type of food that is cooked and of course the volume of food that is produced under that rangehood. First, of course, there is compliance. Counsel and insurance have a 12 monthly compliance and that's regulatory, but there are many other things to consider.
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Yes I do Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Brisbane | Grease Busters FAQs

Fact be known I have over 1500 Brisbane-based clients that are on my customer base. So let me share with you some photos of perhaps my first real nasty Brisbane Duct Cleaning job.
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Why do I need to get my kitchen canopy cleaned | Grease Busters FAQs

Cameron here from Grease Busters, many clients ring me up and ask, Hey, why do I need to get my kitchen canopy cleaned? First off there are mandatory Laws to consider, which is of course compliance. Law indicates that you are required to get your kitchen canopy cleaned on a 12 monthly basis.
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How much does it cost to get my canopy cleaned | Grease Busters FAQs

I get a lot of phone calls from clients asking me how much does it cost to get my canopy cleaned? And they expect of course to get a price over the phone straight away. It's the classic is how long has a piece of string? Cause everything's built differently
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How do I look after my kitchen duct better | Grease Busters FAQs

Cameron here from Grease Busters, quite a number of people ask me "how do I look after my commercial kitchen duct better". Now the simple answer to that is after cleaning kitchen ducts for just cleaning over the last 15 years. I say, "just clean it" As you can see many canopy cleaners only clean the area, you see. Anyone can do that. Then they clean in behind the filter hole, but very few actually do the ducting itself.
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What can I do to keep my kitchen canopy cleaner | Grease Busters FAQs

What can I do to keep my kitchen canopy cleaner? A lot of people bring me and say, what can I do to keep my kitchen canopy cleaner? The main solution is having a regularly scheduled cleaning. Now, this is a steakhouse. And if you can see from the walls here is quite neglected that …

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