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The importance of clean filters

Have you ever stood somewhere and thought… “what is that awful smell” – then sniffed your clothing to make sure it’s not you? Imagine if customers were doing that in your restaurant, or coffee shop!

You know it yourself without me telling you – a bad smell is the least inviting thing and usually, people don’t hang around to find out what is causing it. At Grease Busters we say – give us your smells, your greasy mess, give us your kitchen exhaust fan and ducts to clean. You focus on your cooking and customers and we will ensure that your work environment is not only smelling sweet, but that it is environmentally friendly and meets all Australian Standards – you will only know the sweet smell of success, not the smell of sweat and grease.

Apart from giving you clean filters and ensuring that there is no dirty grease smell permeating through your business, which is important, there is another benefit to Grease Busters keeping your filters and exhaust system sparkling clean. Clean filters also provide a good air flow – are your staff perspiring excessively and nearly fainting by the end of their shift? If so, you need to call Grease Busters now. We go where angels fear to tread – yes some may call it hell but we love fat busting – it’s what we do.

A typical configuration in a kitchen ventilation system has 4 main parts – A Canopy situated above the cooking station, grease filters in the canopy, ductwork that connects the canopy to the fourth item which is the exhaust fan. All these parts work at extracting the hot smelly air and fumes from the kitchen, making room for fresh air flow. It only takes one member of this team to fail for the whole system to crash and sometimes really – burn!

The first two items in our team, the canopy and grease filters, require the most maintenance. The filtering process is the most important function in catching and removing fat vapours from the kitchen. A canopy and filters in well maintained condition will assist with keeping the ductwork as free from fat deposits as possible between Grease Busters maintenance visits to your business. Failure to maintain this system creates a very real fire risk.

duct cleaning with greasebusters

It is widely considered best practice that the average kitchen check and clean their filters every fortnight to three weeks, this can vary depending on the amount of deep frying carried out in the kitchen. Kitchen exhaust systems must be based on the Australian Standard AS1851.6 and there is a requirement for preventative maintenance. You could find yourself in the situation of a spot check by the Health department, and if they ask you for your kitchen exhaust maintenance schedule and compliance certificate, could you produce them? That’s where we come in! Grease Busters can work with you and set up your preventative maintenance schedule to suit your business hours, at a price that makes you smile and gives you the results you need to meet even the most exacting standards. We are available to our clients 24/7.

Grease Busters staff are the best in the business and our Fat busting services are guaranteed. No job is too big for us to tackle, we have the manpower and the equipment – steam cleaning, Exhaust, Canopy & ductwork cleaning, we cover it all.

From the Gold Coast to Brisbane and Tweed Heads to Byron – we have you covered for a clean and healthy, safe commercial kitchen.

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