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Benefits of a preventative maintenance schedule

It may not just be your cooking that’s heating up your commercial kitchen and staff! Can’t stand the heat – you may not need to get out of the kitchen, but it might be time to check your kitchen’s ventilation exhaust, canopy and ductwork..

If your commercial kitchen is overheating then all your staff could be hot under the collar for no good reason! Just keep up to date with your kitchen maintenance schedule for your duct system; ‘what’s that’, I hear you say? You don’t have a maintenance schedule for your kitchen exhaust, canopy or ducts? There is no time like the present – with Summer on it’s way things can only get worse.

Don’t wait a moment more, give us a call today at Grease Busters, your experts in commercial kitchen ventilation. In no time at all we will have you set up with regular site inspections and maintenance. This will ensure that you do not jeopardise your business with workplace health and safety issues and, should the worst happen and there is a fire, because you are under a maintenance program with us, and we keep good records, your insurance company will know that a dirty duct system clogged with fat and grease has not caused or exacerbated the problem.

It is quite easy to recognise when a system needs maintenance – One of the most obvious signs that all may not be right in your kitchen is sweaty staff and a noticeable smell of dirty grease. The appearance of a waiter at your table with a sweaty face as they present you with your meal can turn the most hardened stomach, that’s if that hot greasy smell hasn’t reached them first! No matter how professional your Chef and staff are, if the atmosphere is clammy and hot with an unpleasant aroma – customers will walk, and tell their friends not to visit!

duct cleaning with greasebusters

The number one cause of excessive heat and smells is a dirty or malfunctioning kitchen hood exhaust system. So, if you smell grease, you can probably quite rightly assume that someone is not doing their job properly.

Not only do your kitchen exhaust systems remove heat, odours and grease from the kitchen, they also remove some very serious gases, including carbon monoxide. A cleaning schedule suited to the type of cooking, and amount carried out in your kitchen is essential to the prevention of grease build up on the filters and in the ductwork.

Another important factor to ensure your kitchen is going to function and run smoothly is to ensure your kitchen filtration system meets OH&S legislation regarding the provision of natural or mechanical ventilation and that the make up air system is working properly. The aim is to have an equal balance of air coming into the kitchen and exhaust being removed.

So, we are not blowing hot air when we state that maintaining a best practice filter and ductwork cleaning schedule in line with the amount and kind of food being cooked makes good business sense. Not only does this significantly reduce your fire risk, you’ll be providing a comfortable workplace for employees and a safe and pleasant environment for your customers.

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