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Watch us cleaning one of the Largest kitchen duct systems in Brisbane

This large Brisbane kitchen duct needed a thorough grease cleaning

kitchen exhaust system cleaning
I was recently invited to a large venue in South Brisbane who had visited our website and contacted us to get their Brisbane kitchen canopy cleaned.

When we attended the site I was astounded by one of largest kitchen exhaust duct I had ever seen that ran from the kitchen area to the outside of the premise. It then travelled horizontally some forty metres before scaling up the side of the building and onto the roof.

This venue was very busy and I was concerned about the amount of residual grease that would have been an apparent fire hazard.


This restaurant and commercial kitchen duct had never been cleaned in the ten years that it has been running. I said this to the owner who denied that this could be true. After a half an hour inspection of the exhaust system we could see a number of access panels in place but none of these were big enough to allow a person to climb into and are really useless. Take two minutes of your time now and watch the video below when shows how we clean both the kitchen canopy and commercial exhaust system to a level that you assured that there is not residual grease left that can lead to fire hazards

Access panel cut into the canopy duct system

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so after we have cut a larger access panel into the duct we are now able to work our way through the system until we reach the kitchen.

cutting access panel in kithcen exhaust system

And here is a great picture from early in the night as one of the Grease Busters start to clean the long horizontal duct area.

cutting access panel in kithcen exhaust system

It’s often the grease buildup you don’t see that in the extractor duct that is the real danger

Many new restaurant customers tell me that they are currently happy with the present work that they are receiving until I take a look inside and show them the areas that they don’t see. Sadly many contractors only clean the areas that you can see and leave the rest. what they leave is great amount of residual grease that once accumulated amounts to a fire hazard.

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