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Look at the Grease I found while cleaning this duct in Brisbane

Beware of Poor duct cleaning: Call it laziness, lack of ability, it really does not matter, but at the end of the day you are left with an extreme fire hazard 

I cannot emphasise how important it is to have your upper canopies inspected for fire hazards. I often speak with a restaurant manager or chef and they tell me that they have had the same contractor for years and they are happy with their work …. This is where my alarm bells start to ring.

duct cleaning brisbane

duct cleaning brisbaneThe reality is these people only see the areas that are immediately visible near the filter at the front of the canopy hood and duct area. Sadly most of my opposition know that most people will not put their head up inside the ducting to check on their work, so they deliberately stop at that point. Call it laziness, lack of ability, it really does not matter, but at the end of the day you are left with an extreme fire hazard as these pictures and  youtube videos demonstrates. Just click to the video below to the the clean from beginning to end .

As you can see in these pictures  there are two layers of ducting above the kitchen hood area in this restaurant.  Most contractors will only clean the first section, so if you took a glance inside you’d think they’d done their job, however, most clients would not climb all the way in to see the extreme grease left in the rest of the ducting and exhaust systems. This is where we are exceptional. Our staff climb through the whole system ensuring that all residual grease is removed so you are not left with a fire hazard.

duct cleaning brisbane

duct cleaning brisbaneI can tell you cleaning kitchen exhaust ducts is extremely hard work. 

These pictures are from about five years ago and yes this is me in them. If done properly  I can tell you from my own personal experience cleaning kitchen hoods and exhausts systems is extremely hard work.  I am a 90 kg man and I was 45 years old at the time that these photos were taken and I was able climb into the upper duct area. At Greasebusters proudly have a hardy crew of fit young men who have cleaned thousands of canopies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Below this paragragh is a photos of the end product. Sometimes its just to hard to make changes when we are so busy so its jsut easier to believe that everything is ok on face value. All I ask is to give me the opportunity to inspect your hood canopy and ducting to ensure that it is fire safe and compliant Ring Cameron on 0414714948 for your free fire risk assessment or click here to email me and I will contact you back within 24 Hours. That is why we are the market leaders for canopy and duct cleaning Brisbane and Gold Coast

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    Can't say thank you enough to the guys for the Job they carried out at 4BROTHERS ESPRESSO CAFE at short notice and nothing was a problem!! Definitely the team I'll be calling for our ongoing work
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