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9 DIY Grease Cleaning Tips from Professionals

Wherever there is grease splatter, there is aggravation. It’s difficult to remove and will only continue to build up if left behind. Here are some expert tips on how to clean away grease from your kitchen stovetop, cabinets, backsplash and surrounding areas.

Step 1

With so many degreasing cleaning products available, we are sure you own them in abundance. Gather them and your supplies and get ready to start cleaning. If you don’t want to use a harsh chemical, which is an option we recommend, try undiluted vinegar, warm soapy water and a sponge.

Step 2

Put away any food, dishes, or removable items. Make sure all of your surfaces are cleared away wherever possible. Move small appliances out of the way, and place towels on the floor to soak up any dripping water.

Step 3

Add the undiluted vinegar to an empty spray bottle, and spray generously onto any grease stained surfaces. Let this sit and soak for roughly five to 10 minutes. While this soaks, get a bucket and fill with hot soapy water.

Step 4

Using the sponge, work the soap into a lather and apply to the areas needing to be cleaned. The longer the wet soap soaks into the grease stain the better, but don’t wait so long that it dries or you’ll be scrubbing off soap residue too. Rub in a circular motion until grease starts to loosen.

Step 5

Using a wet rag or microfiber cloth, spray with a dash of the vinegar and rinse away the soap from all of the surfaces. Repeat until all the soap has been removed. Make sure that you are not using a dirty rag that is spreading the grease around, so you might have to switch to a new rag halfway through.

Step 6

Do a final rinse. Dump out the dirty soapy water in your laundry sink, rinse the bucket and refill with plain warm water. With a fresh clean cloth, rinse off the surfaces once more to ensure no grease or soap residue has been left behind.

Step 7

Dry the surface thoroughly. Pay attention to crevices and corners where soap residue can hide. Pick up the towels on the floor and be careful to clean up any soapy water spills on the floor so that no one slips.

Step 8

Admire your beautiful, gleaming kitchen! All of the grease should be gone. Don’t worry if there is a slight vinegar smell to the area or surfaces, this is a natural product and will dissipate on its own without any harm to you or your food.

Step 9

If you have a commercial kitchen duct or exhaust fan with grease residue stuck to it, this cleaning process is a little tricker. We recommend leaving that to the professionals. Grease Busters has an expert and highly skilled professional service that can clean your kitchen canopy, duct or exhaust. Our service is available all-around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and through to Byron Bay.


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