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A Guide to Cleaning the Kitchen Exhaust Fan Yourself

Neglect is not an option when it comes to your kitchen exhaust. Regular care and maintenance is a must in order to prevent hazardous grease build-up that can potentially lead to a kitchen grease fire. Here are some expert steps on how you can clean your kitchen exhaust fan yourself.

1. Remove the Filter

Make sure that everything, including the fan, is switched off and unplugged. If you can’t locate the plug, switch the power off at the circuit breaker. Open windows to have good air circulating, and then remove the mesh filters. Place them in the sink and soak them in boiling water to loosen the grease.

Clean the Filter

Remove the mesh from their frames, and soak them in a water and ammonia mixture (3L of water per every ½ cup of ammonia) for one hour. Then, using rubber gloves and a mask, scrub the filter until it is completely clean. Repeat this step with the frames, and set both aside to dry.

Clean the Fan

Here, you can either use a trisodium phosphate cleaner, or a less intense mixture of water, ammonia and baking soda (1L water, ¼ cup ammonia and 2 tbsp. baking soda). Working your way from the back, scrub the fan housing and the fan blades, all whilst drying completed areas as you go. This process is messy, be prepared. Keep going until all of the grease is removed, and the fan and housing are completely clean. If not done correctly, the grease and dirt will quickly build-up again. It’s going to take time, and a lot of effort. Once done, allow everything to dry and then replace the mesh filers and frames.


This should be done, at minimum, annually, and the filters should be cleaned once every three months. If you have a commercial kitchen these maintenance rules apply to you too! Though, it is not recommended that you clean your commercial kitchen canopy and exhaust system yourself. In fact, your insurance company will most likely require that you have a professional cleaning service do this.

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