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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Why Hire a Professional?

When it comes to kitchens, cleaning is non-negotiable. If your kitchen is not maintained correctly you can face huge fines or even be shut down. Hiring a professional cleaning service will significantly reduce those risks, keeping your kitchen and your staff safe and in operation. Plus, they can often work around the busy schedule of your kitchen in order to not interfere with operational hours.

What Does a Professional Cleaning Service Really Do?

The day-to-day cleaning is most often handled by the staff, the heavy-duty cleaning however is usually (and best) left to the professionals. Commonly the service of a professional cleaning company includes:

  • Cleaning, scrubbing and removing grease from kitchen hoods, canopy’s, exhaust fans and ductwork;
  • Emptying grease traps;
  • Replacing filters; and
  • Deep cleaning surfaces and equipment.

It is the exhaust fan cleaning service that offers the biggest benefit, as it can prevent your kitchen from a serious fire hazard and help you maintain and meet all safety standards and regulations that are required. This needs to be maintained on a regular schedule, in order to provide adequate proof of cleaning for insurance and health and safety regulations.

Some services, like Grease Busters, use pressure washers as part of their cleaning service, which is a quick and efficient way to remove the dirt, grease and grime residue in a short amount of time. But, unlike Grease Busters, some companies won’t also properly scrub away the grease build-up inside the ductwork. So, you need to choose your cleaning company carefully.

Grease Busters expert and highly-skilled team has years of experience crawling through kitchen ventilation systems and ductwork, removing the grease and grime and ensuring your kitchen canopy and exhaust system are in glistening tip-top shape. We are absolutely committed to delivering the best commercial kitchen cleaning service around, and a proper air duct cleaning will definitely put your kitchen back on track.To have your Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads or Byron Bay commercial kitchen cleaned and serviced, contact Grease Busters.


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