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Heads Up! The Causes of Commercial Kitchen Fires

With commercial kitchen fires costing millions, a year in damages as well as putting the lives of numerous people at risk, it is important to know how you can do your part in preventing them. You can stop commercial kitchen fires by preventing them where they start!

Where Do They Start?

Most commonly, the three components of a kitchen responsible for starting the most fires are: the deep-fryer, the grill and the cooking range. However, they are merely part of the problem. It is the exhaust canopy and duct work, if left unmaintained, that can have hazardous consequences. It’s the build-up of oil, fat and grease in the kitchens exhaust system, that if ignited by the flames of the deep-fryer, grill or range, can cause a grease fire to spread throughout the ducts entire network.

What Do You Need to Do?

There’s only one way to prevent grease build-up from happening, and that’s with regular exhaust system cleaning and maintenance. What that means is regular scrubbing and cleaning of the canopy, wiping down of the duct walls and replacement of filters. How often this needs to happen depends entirely on the type and duration of cooking you are undertaking, as well as your specified health, fire and insurance regulations.

That Sounds Difficult!

The complete and proper clean of a commercial kitchen canopy, exhaust and duct system in order to meet the standards of health and Fire Safe regulations is an extremely difficult procedure! Attempting to do it yourself is not only unwise, it can be dangerous. Plus, more often than not, insurance companies will require that it be done by a professional service. Luckily, there are professional cleaners that specialise in this type of commercial kitchen service, like Grease Busters.

Why Should I Hire Grease Busters?

Grease Busters are a professionally trained team with specialised skills in commercial canopy cleaning and grease duct maintenance. We are the absolute best in our field, and should be your first choice as we are 100% committed to delivering the best cleaning service. We service all areas and surrounding suburbs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay. With no compromises, no short cuts and no excuses, we will not stop until the grease is gone and the job is done.


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