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Are you a restaurant owner? Here’s 5 Questions to Ask About Kitchen Cleaning

If you own a commercial kitchen, then you know grease build-up is inevitable. It is important to know what questions you should be asking about kitchen cleaning! Here are the top five questions you should know and say.

1. Does your cleaning company have to be certified?

Yes, you should only hire certified professional commercial kitchen cleaners. They are the only service that will be able to clean your kitchens exhaust, canopy and ducts well enough to meet Australian health and safety standards as well as fire safety regulations.

2. What are the regulations and standards that my kitchen needs to meet?

This will depend entirely on the type of kitchen and cooking that you do, as well as the amount. OH&S as well as Fire Safety regulations will both have standards that you need to meet in order to stay operational. Plus, your insurance policy will most like dictate a maintenance schedule that you need to comply with.

3. I have received quotes from several companies, but they all so different?

If your quotes differ greatly, then you need to enquire with each service as to what exactly their process is and what their services will entail. You will often find the smaller quotes are for only a partial service.

4. Are food-safe chemicals used?

Yes, certified kitchen exhaust cleaning service professionals will use all food-safe degreasers. You should still question this of the company that you choose to hire to ensure that this is maintained.

5. What should I expect?

Each company will vary in their services offered, but the ones you need to ensure of are the full grease and dirt residue removal from your kitchens hood, canopy, ductwork, fans, exhaust and ventilation systems. Make sure that you ask them for specifics on their removal process, so that you can guarantee that everything will be scrubbed and power washed and cleaned pristinely.

GREASE BUSTERS GUARANTEE OF SERVICE: Let us take care of the commercial kitchen cleaning while you build your business. If you’re not happy with the quality of our work we will return immediately and rectify that problem. If you are still not happy we don’t want you to pay. We are absolutely committed to delivering the best cleaning services. From Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed Heads through to Byron Bay, we will solve all of your commercial kitchen canopy and exhaust cleaning problems.


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