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Is your commercial kitchen compliant with Australian regulations?

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Compliance

Now, I don’t want to cause you to have nightmares but … when was the last time that you had your commercial kitchen exhaust, canopy and ducting inspected and cleaned by a professional?
Not sure? – the bad news is that saying ‘I didn’t know what was required’ will not save you when disaster strikes – BUT, oh happy day, you have just clicked onto the website that is your dream come true. At Grease Busters, we know what you need done and how to get it done for you, and we are just a phone call away.

Commercial kitchen ventilation regulations

GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE states that: All commercial kitchens are required to have their exhaust systems cleaned either 6 or 12 monthly (depending on volume of work) to be in compliance with Australian Standard 1851 Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

Under Australian Standard 1851.6, all Kitchen Exhaust Fans, Hoods, Filters and Grease Gutters should be checked monthly for excessive grease accumulation. Most Insurance companies and landlord agreements require an Annual Certificate of Cleaning to be supplied. IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association) has developed a new standard IKECA C10. This uses a measurement system of deposition to establish a need to clean. The method of measurement is a depth gauge comb which is scraped along the duct surface. For example, a measured depth of 2000 μm (0.078 in) indicates the need to remove the deposition risk. The standard also includes point measurement for critical areas. For example, 3175 μm (0.125 in.) in a fan housing would require cleaning.

Commercial kitchen compliance

So, what happens if you don’t comply? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but failure to comply with this Standard will void all insurance obligations should any venue under your control have a fire in their kitchen, as most commercial kitchen fires originate from faulty ventilation and ducting because of a build of up fat and grease.So, keeping your kitchen compliant with Australian Standards in your commercial kitchen is not just red tape – it really needs to be done.

Now, let me tell you that maintenance of this area of your kitchen is not a job to be undertaken by the timid or uninitiated. This is a place that no-one wants to get into, it’s nasty – and I mean NASTY! There is no fear of amateurs being involved if you call Grease Busters, our team are tough, and as our web site will attest for you – we have seen it all and been there! No commercial kitchen is beyond our help.

Due to the size and complexity of kitchen extraction systems, most companies tend to hire in professionals to clean their ducting. Grease Busters are the Fat Busting specialist from Tweed to Gold Coast and right up to Brisbane. Our staff are thorough and professional – and we know what is required to meet Australian Standards and make sure you maintain your insurance compliance.

Our team is call 24/7, our fees are very comparable and all our work is guaranteed. To ensure your kitchen stays compliant, call Grease Busters now, 0414 714 948.


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