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Grease Hood Cleaning – First Horror Climb in

Another Terrible Horror Story of Grease Hood Cleaning in a Brisbane Restaurant.

Here is a side view of a Brisbane grease hood cleaning job showing the bits you dont see

My name is Cameron from Grease Busters. I was flicking through some grease hood cleaning photos recently where I found one of my original grease hood cleaning jobs. What made it memorable was the pool of inflammable grease that I had to squirm around so I would not get soaked in it. In hood cleaning jobs like this,  I was actually required to climb through the filter hole and worm my way up into the upper canopy, a nasty little cleaning job, which in fact was totally satisfying in the end.  


Astoundingly on first glance if you don’t know where to look you would think the job is easy. But that is what some contractors are hoping so they can take short cuts. Once you look behind the bits, you can’t see it was a pretty nasty fire hazard.

Climbing into the upper ducting in this grease hood cleaning job

Grease Hood Cleaning

We arrived that morning. And after taking the filters out, I looked up into the first section and the grease hood didn’t look too bad. The previous contractor hadn’t done a bad job there, but there was another layer of the canopy above that. A small access hole was still there and it was very visible for us to see, but it just obviously was just too hard to do for the average Joe. For the previous contractor to, um, get that a little bit further. If you look below, you’ll see a great video of me up in there. You’ll see me climbing up for the easy area through the hole and into the upper canopy, which hadn’t been touched for some years.

the roof of the Brisbane Grease Hood Cleaning Job

In these early days, mind you, I was 15 years younger, I put the disposable suit on and up I went and what I found was about three to four centimetres of inflammable grease. And because this place was a steak house, they used. Mmm, or consuming a lot of steaks, which in turn produces a lot of grease. And so it was very wet and sticky and incredibly inflammable. The joy of that for me was because it was sticky. I didn’t have to scrape hard, but at the end of the day, it was like peeling ice cream off the walls and the ceiling of the ducting. We got in at 4:00 AM. And three hours later, you can see from the photos, the difference that it made.




As the photos show a wonderful transformation from fire hazard to bare metal, just to the riser to go

As you can see, it’s not a job for the faint-hearted. These fellas here have probably done this five, six thousand times now. So, you know, what you’re getting is expertise by the sheer repetition. And the venue manager of this venue was horrified when he looked up this commercial canopy and ducting. But you know, the lads probably duct cleaning like this, hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of times. That takes the scare out of it. If you want to see more, feel free to click through for more Horror Stories.

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