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How do I look after my commercial kitchen ducting better?

Cameron here from Grease Busters, quite a number of people ask me “how do I look after my commercial kitchen duct better”. Now the simple answer to that is after cleaning kitchen ducts for just cleaning over the last 15 years. I say, “just clean it” As you can see many canopy cleaners only clean the area, you see. Anyone can do that. Then they clean in behind the filter hole, but very few actually do the ducting itself.


So let’s go for a little walk and look up here.

How do I look after my kitchen duct better

Now lets go look above the kitchen and into the roof where the duct is. So the ducting that you can see is that been solid. There are no access panels in place and that means the canopy duct has never been cleaned. You ask me how I know that. Simple. If no one has ever cut an access panel how can it been cleaned.

Looking for Thor over there. Where are you?  I will say it again,  we know the ducting has never been claimed before, cause there are no holes to get inside it. So what we do now is going cut an access panel and climb inside.

We scrape the grease out and that grease in some of these venues, maybe 10, 20, 30 years old. It’s not for the faint-hearted. I’m glad I haven’t got his job there.  Mind you, I have done it over the 17 years. So my suggestion is if you’re not sure how your ducting looks, give me a call and we’ll come out and have a look and just assess if it’s ever been touched.

Not all commercial kitchen ducts, it’s probably 40%. Can’t be cleaned because they’re just not made practically to do it. This one, as you can see, it’s a big area and we’re just going to cut and put an access panel in, and he’s just going to climb inside that. Anyway, stay tuned. Call me if you want to know more and let us to come out and have a look at your system and give you an obligation-free quotation.

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