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Why Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Is Essential

Kitchen exhaust cleaning

You know the old saying – if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Well, here at Greasebusters we have a similar saying – if you can’t stand the heat, clean your kitchen!

Have you ever walked into a café or takeaway food joint and thought, eeww, what is that smell? It sure isn’t the wafting smell of your favourite food being cooked. You’ve just been hit by the disgusting smell of dirty grease and grime of someone not cleaning their kitchen exhaust properly. That is the number one sign that someone is not doing their job properly, and the kitchen exhaust system is in serious need of a good clean, even a replacement.

The importance of kitchen exhaust cleaning

Not only does it smell bad, but the kitchen could be at serious risk of a fire or not complying with health and safety regulations. Many food operators don’t fully seem to understand that in the modern world of safe working environments and occupational health and safety, an overheating smelly kitchen can be a sign that all is not as it should be, and potentially not a safe environment for staff and customers. Many restaurant owners fail to understand why cleaning a kitchen exhaust system is really quite essential.

Kitchen exhausts are more or less out of view and always over looked for cleanliness and maintenance. Kitchen exhaust systems play an incredibly important role in a commercial kitchen.

Not only do they remove heat, odours and grease from the kitchen environment, they also remove some very serious gases, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Greasebusters will issue a certificate of compliance along with photos and a written report on work carried out for insurance purposes.

Ensuring regular kitchen exhaust cleaning will:

  • Reduce fire accident possibilities: It is very common for grease to build-up in the hood and duct area, increasing the risk of a fire in the kitchen.
  • Increase the exhaust system’s life (with regular cleaning the exhaust functions more efficiently and does not allow grease to build-up).
  • Keep in line with the health and safety requirements for your insurance company. You can get in serious trouble with these guys, as they are very strict when it comes to keeping the kitchen environment safe and healthy.
  • Reduce heat and improves air quality.
  • Avoid damage to the ceiling.
  • Kitchen exhaust systems which have not been cleaned for months or even years can be so grease heavy it could leave the entire system almost impossible to clean. You will then need to replace the old system with an entirely new one. However, regular maintenance can help avoid this expense for many years to come.

If you’re worried about your kitchen exhaust system, don’t hesitate to call Greasebusters (formally Fat Busters Steam Cleaning) for a no obligation fire risk assessment.

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