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Don’t replace it, just clean it!

Ok, first you noticed that the kitchen was staying hot, and it wasn’t because of the head chef. Then you started to notice the stale, unpleasant smell of old grease permeating through your premises. You then cleaned the canopy (as best you could) and replaced the grease filters in that, but none of this has helped. You knew what the culprit was really and you were just putting off the inevitable. Finally you bit the bullet and looked into the bowels of hell – well your commercial kitchens duct and exhaust fan units anyway and you were horrified – and quite frankly it did feel and smell a little like hell to you! Looking at the condition of the ductwork and the exhaust fan, you cannot believe that it would be salvageable and are thinking that replacement is required. Now you kick yourself as you remember that you thought about cleaning these areas 12 months ago but did nothing, 12 months down the track it is 12 months worse off.

WAIT – Before you stress out or sink into despair you need to make one phone call that will change your life and save you money and ensure minimum business downtime. But, who you gonna call? Grease Busters … of course!

You may think that your ductwork and kitchen grease filtration system is a throw away but you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that, at Grease Busters, we are the fat busting experts. There has not been a job yet that has beaten us – and we’ve tackled some doozies. Check out the photographs and videos of jobs we have completed on our website, these attest to the fact that we get right into the job and the results of our work speak for themselves..

To replace a kitchen grease/air filtration extraction system in your business would cost thousands and would mean closed doors for several weeks, causing a major disruption to you, your staff and customers.

duct cleaning with greasebusters

At Grease Busters, we know the importance of getting the job done right and completing the work as quickly as possible to ensure minimum downtime to your kitchen. We have the experience to know what to use to move the caked on grease particles that are stopping your system working correctly. Sometimes the exhaust fan is so heavily caked in gunk that it barely moves, putting strain on the mechanical and electrical components just to keep moving.

It can be surprisingly inexpensive to get the job done and we will even set up a regular check and maintenance program with you for further peace of mind. When we have completed the job to our exacting requirements and ensured that your system now meets the Australian Standards we will leave you with a completion certificate that can be supplied for reference to your insurance company.

Don’t replace when all that is needed is a scrubbing with elbow grease and steam. Call us today and save yourself time and money – it’s a win win, for you – money, for your staff – a cleaner, safer work environment and for your customers – the only smell that will assail their nostrils when they enter your business is the fantastic food your kitchen is producing!

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  • Avatar Tim Varitimos ★★★★★ 4 hours ago
    Professional service and quality workmanship. Highly recommend Cameron and the team.
  • Avatar Chris Houliaras ★★★★★ a week ago
    Can't say thank you enough to the guys for the Job they carried out at 4BROTHERS ESPRESSO CAFE at short notice and nothing was a problem!! Definitely the team I'll be calling for our ongoing work
    Thanks again Chris
  • Avatar Matthew Rollo ★★★★★ 4 hours ago
    Amazing guys and great to work with! Very prompt, efficient and knew what they were talking about, would highly recommend!