See why cleaning kitchen exhaust fans is so important for best results

Cleaning your kitchen exhaust fan is one of the simpliest things that many restaurant managers overlook in the ongoing maintenance program.  Again it is anorther case of out of sight out of mind. After a period of time it is amazing how much grease does accumulate on the blades.

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Weight on the blades will impede the balance and speed of the spinning blades and of course this will result in a lesser level of suction of the air from the kitchen. Poor maintenance will also result in a reduce lifespan of the unit. Do not just take into consideration the replacement cost of the fan, there is also the down time in the kitchen, as it was to hot to work in. This resently resulted in closing of a restaurant in surfers for two days resulted at a loss $5000 a day in profit. They will pay more attention to fan maintenance in the future.

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The above photos is from a cafe at Mt Tamborine. The fan had not been touched for years although a contractor was in place to clean the system. What I have found is that on many occasions someone would come in and clean the canopy and hood and were just to lazy to get onto the roof and clean the commercial fan. Again its the old saying of out of sight out of mind.

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So if this is the amount of grease we get from a small cafe on the top of Mt Tamborine, imagine what some of the steak houses look like when we open the fan on the roof. I suggest a 6 or 12 monthly cleaning schedule for you canopy hood, duct and fan to insure the reduction of fire hazards and of course to be in insurance compliance.

While your here click through to some pictures of another chinese restaurant that had actually caught on fire as a result of the residual grease

Many new restaurant customers tell me that they are currently happy with the present work that they are receiving until I take a look inside and show them the areas that they don’t see. Sadly many contractors only clean the areas that you can see and leave the rest. what they leave is great amount of residual grease that once accumulated amounts to a fire hazard.

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